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SMS packages

Decrease the rate of clients who do not show up by reminding them about their reservations via text messages! 62,6% of the respondents stated that SMS notifications are the best reminders.

100 SMS

€ 14.50

+ VAT € 0.145 + VAT / SMS
250 SMS

€ 34.50

+ VAT € 0.138 + VAT / SMS
500 SMS

€ 65.00

+ VAT € 0.13 + VAT / SMS
1000 SMS

€ 127.00

+ VAT € 0.127 + VAT / SMS


Initiation support during trial

We'll help you with your calendar! Feel free to ask us via e-mails, or book an appointment for consultation!

€ 0

Phone support

1 hour of phone support is free of charge for your subscription! For unique needs, education purposes or further customization, ask for the help of our experts!

€ 29.90
+ VAT / hour

IT support

For complex, technical questions, e.g. unique CSS needs or personalized integration solutions, our development team is happy to be of help.

€ 29.90
+ VAT / hour

E-mail support

We're happy to help you with all your potential questions! Our team will answer you in one workday.

€ 0

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